Our Team

We opened our doors in Townsville 2013 and have grown from there. We turned from a small hobby photographer into a well know name and we would even describe Josephine Carter as a “Brand” since then.

We pride ourselves with quality and natural photos capturing beauty of life and capturing treasurable memories for families. Especially in a fast paced world like ours is today, we love to press the pause button and capture the laughter, the love and happy moments for locals.

Our big point of difference is that we don’t stage unnatural photos and making our clients feel uncomfortable in awkward poses. We connect with you during your session and before you know it we captured beautiful photos along the way without you even noticing.



Josephine Carter –  Photographer


I was born and raised in a small village in Germany and moved to Australia for the love of my life in 2011. I worked in several different jobs to establish a good live for myself and my family in Autralia, but I always wanted more. I always dreamt of  working in a profession I am passionate about and in 2013 I made the decision of starting my own business.

I am proud of where I am now and to be able to do what I love. My passion and personality is reflected in all of my photographs.

I’m a volunteer for the Leukemia Foundation, freelance photographer for Duo Magazine and Pakmag Townsville as well as a well known photographer for Weddings and lifestyle events around North Queensland.

I love being part of my clients life, and most families are booking me regularly to capture their kids growing up or other milestones in their life. I feel privileged to be able to become part of their story.

Please check out my YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC447IHLb4OzS5Yq4zaJv77A




Carola Bradshaw –  Graphic Designer, Photo Editor

Being a graphic designer for over 15 years working for many international and national companies, I am very happy to be part of the team at Josephine Carter now.

Over the years I worked for large international companies and in large design teams. Even though I learnt a lot and gained excessive skills, I noticed that that is not were I want to be for a long period of time.

I love the interaction with my clients, getting to know them and bringing their visions to life. In 2012 I established my own small business in Townsville (BlueBerriDesign) and was the best decision I have made in my career so far.

Josephine and I have been working together hand in hand. With a similar background and German heritage, we just click.

We both are very excited to join forces to offer not only photography but also have the luxury to design and print personalized gifts, invitations and books for Townsville families as well as capability statements, project brochures and websites for local growing business to reasonable rates.





Alana Ziehmer –  Photo Editor, Assistant

A bit about me

My love of all things photography started in 2005 in my senior year of high school. I would often be found in the dark room developing photos and fixating on the chemical process (Yes I started back in the film days!).

After graduating high school, I took a gap year and began my journey with photo editing by working in a retail photo lab. There I learned the fine art of colour correcting and printing, whilst also developing my customer service skills. Our customers were like family and I will always remember with fondness the love and care that went into helping their visions come to life in print.

From there I went on to do my Diploma of Photography where I honed my skills in lighting, technique, creative editing and majored in commercial photography. Upon graduating I was employed by one of Brisbane’s largest printing companies, Pro Lab. There I worked on printing and editing for some of Queensland’s most well renowned photographers. I also ran the project to digitally archive the entire photographic history of the State Library of Queensland.    

In 2011 my biggest project came along! My first daughter was born and I took some time off to concentrate on being a new Mum. Since then we have had two more children and they are my greatest joy! 

During my time studying up until 2017 I worked for some established and well known Brisbane Wedding, Portrait and Formal photographers including Sheila Sissons Photography, Helen McConnell Photography and Donna Green Photography. Working for these incredible women taught me a lot about running a photography business and the huge amount of work that goes into it. We would spend hours upon hours editing thousands of images scrupulously to produce outstanding quality for all of our clients. 

My role varied across all forms of the businesses, including administration, editing, sales, viewings, team leading formal events and second shooting to name a few. 

In 2015 I took a break from photography and worked as a receptionist and bookkeeper for a Brisbane advertising agency, Khemistry. It was fast paced, exciting and challenging. It gave me an even greater appreciation of how important the business side of a creative business is. 

Throughout my photographic career I have also ventured out on my own, photographing portraits and working on commercial projects. I enjoy my own projects from time to time however I am happiest when I am working in a supportive role for others. 

In 2018 I focussed a lot of my attention on my husbands painting and decorating business, managing the finances, administration and marketing. This was rewarding in many ways and was a labour of love, again providing me with an acute understanding of business and hard work.

In October of 2018 a career opportunity arose for my husband that we could not refuse and so we relocated our family to Townsville! Here we are starting a new life and we are looking forward to all the adventures ahead.

If any of my story and work history resonates with you, I would love to hear from you to discuss how I can be of service to your business. 



Jason Cheslin –  JC Filmz

Hi, my name is Jason Cheslin, and I’m passionate about telling stories through video. For over 10 years I’ve been producing videos and crafting my skills, and especially those stories that would seem to be ordinary and turn them into something interesting. I believe that behind every life event is a unique story waiting to be told, and capturing the emotions of it with a creative and cinematic approach is what I aim for, it is the best way to keep those special moments forever. My video experience include directing, shooting, editing, colour grading for live events, documentary style interviews, sports press conferences for global media outlet, and promotions.